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Go check this out!!!!!
Spring contest ! (OPEN)Thank you all for 3 thousand subs and 1 thousand watchers ;>u<;
as you guys voted in my poll i will make an spring themed contest !
The contest idea is pretty simple
draw one (or more) of my ocs with one (or more) of your ocs in a spring themed drawing !
the contest ends on april 29th (10 days after My b-day ~)

please repost the journal so more people can join~
-It's spring themed so be creative ~!
-you can enter as many times as you want ^^
-No bases or traced arts please~
-please submit til the dead line
-have fun !
-repost this journal so more people can join ^v^
-i love colorfull pics ^^
-be as creative as you can !
Gabby (sona) color guide

Small about~
She is shy and small and love music a lot !
she loves everything colorfull and always try to see the positive side of everything~
Pretty shine color guide

Small about~
Shes also shy and small and love to wa
💖 i have a romantic crush on you
💜 i want to make sure you're happy
💙 i have a platonic crush on you
💚 i'm a little jealous of you
💛 i just think you're a cutie
💘 if you wanted to marry me, i wouldn't say no
👀 i'm too shy to ask you to be with me
💝 i think you're a pure bean
💞 i think you're amazing 

💗 i want to give you a hug
💋 i want to kiss you
🍫 i'd date you if you were up for it
💪 i'd fight someone if they talked crap about you
🔊 i'm glad i started watching you
💬 i wish we would talk more!
💭 i think about you a lot
✌️ i would hang with you irl
💤 i'd live with you
🍑 i'd be your girlfriend/boyfriend

👏 everything you say is great
🍏 your social views are great
🍰 you're unbelievably sweet
⁉️ you're unbelievably rude
🎧 you have great taste in music
👑 your account aesthetic amazes me
🚨 you intimidate me
👊 i want to smash your face in
⚠ you're ridiculous
⛔ you give me secondhand embarrassment
👐 you're an actual bird
🔥 you have good vibes
❌ you're a total ass
Chaos55t fanart
I know I'm not uploading as much as I used to, and I'm sorry about that!
This is fanart for Chaos55t 
Peace And Cats (idek) by XxMiahannxX  
And don't forget this one:

Meet The Artist. (I Feel Original) by XxMiahannxX

Snapchat-4474171971068013832 by XxMiahannxX


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United States
Everyone asks me, “Are you okay?”

I always respond the same way.

“Yeah. I’m fine, thanks for asking.”

But I’m not.

I don’t let people see me cry, because I’ve always been so happy.

Yet, sometimes smiling is the hardest thing to do.

Every time I come home, dead inside.

“Was school okay?”

It was the same as yesterday. It wasn’t.

“Yeah, I had a good day.”

I did not.

I constantly ask myself the same question every day, yet to be answered.

“If I died tomorrow, would anyone care?”

People expect the same thing when they first meet me.


Yes, I am.

On the outside.

People will never get close enough to who I am and who I will be.

No one will care enough to get that close.

Is that my fault?


It’s not.

It’s not my fault.

But my fake smile is.

My fake smile is not for me.

My fake emotions aren’t for me.

My depression is hiding, but not for me.

I show what people want me to show.

I show happiness.

I show these things… but not for me.

Hiding things gets harder and harder as I grow older.

I won’t know if I’m okay on this Earth until I am not told, but shown.

Everyday, I become more and more of a shadow.

More and more of a ghost.

Of a hidden truth.

A stupid idea.

A gap in space.

A creation, that was not meant to be created.

A mistake.

I tried so so hard to be happy.

But I can’t.

And that’s me.

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Fullbody of your oc
Traditional Full Body of your oc
Profile of Your OC
Hello!!! (My first time figuring out commissions)



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